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Becoming a Member

Community is at the heart of the Sormena Project. Signing up as a member makes you a part of that community. After you join you will be able to edit your public profile (don't worry you can set everything to private if you want), post in the forum, comment on articles, upload final projects, and more. It is free to sign up and a great way to support our cause.

We want everyone visiting this website to be as passionate about making music as we are. For that reason we are only allowing registered users to comment on articles and post in the forum. Even though we know this will “decrease traffic” we want to limit the spam, trolls, and overall nasty messages people write just because they can. We encourage constructive criticism but we will not stand for cyber bullying. Again, this is a community and we implore everyone to treat each other with respect.

In order to cover costs of this website (hosting, server space, etc) we will be introducing “premium memberships” at some point in the future. Do not worry there will always be “free membership” and you will never have features taken away from you. If we are able to raise enough capital through donations/gifts we may not need to introduce premium memberships at all. We thank you for your support.