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Understanding Our Courses

What types of courses do you/will you offer?

We plan to offer a variety of courses related to music production, creation and audio engineering. We will start with the bare bones basics (101 Introduction to Computer Music Creation) and eventually work our way up to 400 level (advanced/experimental/legit production) offerings. The idea is if you are brand new to music (and making music) you should be able to start from course 101 and work your way through with the course content building upon itself. The higher the level (100, 200, 300, 400) the more is expected of the student. For example in a 400 level course it's assumed you've gone through all the other courses. This means that there won't be a lot of technical content (how this synth works, why one compressor is different from another etc) and instead the focus will be on practical application. For the legit music production course (way off in the future as of now) the expectation would be for you to produce a song in the style of music we're discussing in that section. Once you've done that it would be more a matter of discussing you're process, troubles you ran into, reviewing and commenting on others works, and so forth (more of a graduate style course compared to undergrad).

While nothing is set it stone we have brainstormed a few course ideas already. Topics will include creating with freeware, mixing, mastering, synthesis techniques, production, computer music theory, etc.

If you have suggestions please let us know.

Who are these courses for?

EVERYONE and ANYONE. If you’re interested in making music take a look. This is a safe space where you can make whatever you want.

Are your courses free?

Yes and they always will be for as long as the site survives.

When is new content released? After one course finishes when will the next begin?

Courses are broken up into weekly (or in some cases multi week) chunks, typically with a unifying theme. Each week a new section will be released. Time between courses will vary but ideally at least one course will be released every year... until all the courses are completed.

What happens to a course after it's over?

The course will remain on the site with all its content available. This gives you the ability to rewatch specific lessons and allows for new users to go through the course and complete the final project at their own pace.

Will you make updates to courses after they finish?

Typically this is where the bonus section comes into play. For the sake of consistency we do not want to “replace” any videos out of the blue. If for example people are really struggling with a topic, we make a mistake (hey we’re human too), or we find that new content would be appropriate we will add it to the bonus section or at the end of a section. We work very hard to make the courses the best they possibly can be so it would be unlikely that we re-record a class (like how the same courses are offered every year at a university). With advancements in technology and software coming at a rapid pace it may be appropriate to re-record/re-release a course. We'll cross that road if/when we get there but the plan is to always make the courses available (even old ones that may become outdated).

How will I get the most out of the courses?

Being patient is probably the most important thing. Watching the videos might teach you a thing or two but that’s not the point. The goal is to inspire you to create something. If, after watching one video you get the itch to jump in there and start making a drum beat, DO IT. Experiment with the ideas in the weekly course content on your own and don’t be afraid to push things further. Also, in our opinion completing the final project (or multiple projects for some courses) is actually more important than going through all the videos. Many things you learn about computer music come when you stumble across something accidentally. Something that sounds really cool sounds really cool. Understanding “technically” how you got there, while important, is not vital to making interesting music.

How do I submit a final project?

You will know the requirements of your final project(s) when the course is first released. You can work on that final project as much as you want, whenever you want. It is possible that you’ll finish it before all the course material is released. However, we will only start accepting final projects a couple days after all the material has been posted. Once the submission module becomes active it will remain active (barring any unforeseen circumstances). To upload a final project you’ll need to create an account. Once you do that follow the file format instructions for that project and you’re good to go.

How do I make comments, ask questions, and interact with others in the course?

Create an account, access the forum, find the course you are taking, post away!

Do I need to purchase any software to get the most out of a course?

The short answer to this is no.

There are tons of plugins on the market today (a lot free) so you should have no problem finding applicable software. In rare cases a particular piece of software may be recommended. A track made with expensive plugins will not magically be “better” than a track made entirely with freeware. There are no “essential” or “best” plugins required to make great music. Use what sounds best to you.