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Content builds on itself from course to course. While it is not required that you go through both courses in their entirety it is recommended. A lot of cursory synthesis topics are glossed over or skipped entirely because they have already been covered. For this course I expect that you view/have viewed the following videos pertaining to synthesis and sampling from courses 101 and 102. Remember it’s about the overarching methods and techniques not specific synthesizers (plugins). If someone does a really good job teaching synthesis the synthesizer is irrelevant.

Introduction to Computer Music Creation


Virtual Instruments

The Drum Machine

The SPC and Swing


Subtractive Synthesis and "The Simple"

More Subtractive Synths

The "Wub" Machine


Drum Machines

Bass Line Synth

Subtractive Virtual Analog Synth (Pulverisateur)

Phase/Frequency Modulation Synth (Heisenberg)

Producing on a Budget

Evolution of Multi Sampled Instruments

Sampler (Virtual Instrument)

Making a Single Sample Instrument

Making Your Own Drum Machine

Sampler Walkthrough

Classifying Instruments and Samples

OBXD Hardware Emulation Synthesizer (Subtractive)

Dexed Hardware Emulation Synthesizer (FM/PM)

Tyrell N6 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Synth 1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Helm Digital Synthesizer

Standalone Multi Sampled Instruments

Section 3 Wrap Up

In this course I will be using a lot of plugins. Some of these are free and some of these are paid. I’m not recommending or endorsing ANYTHING. A goal of this course is to get you confident in your own ear so that you can decide what synthesizers and samplers are right for you and your music. In theory after you view this course you should have little to no trouble navigating and using any software synthesizer.