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User Submissions

Here is where you will upload your final projects. Please be sure to convert your final compositions and mixes to mp3 format before uploading. Converting to an mp3 is covered in Week 4 Video 9 of the 101 Course. To make this "fair" please only use the samples and plugins we've covered in the course. Also include a brief description of your works.

If you would like to upload and share stems of your tracks for others in the community to mix the process changes a bit. We do not have the server space or bandwidth allocation at this time to host such large files. Therefore we encourage you to compress or zip your stems down into one file, upload them on your own (to dropbox or some other third party host), and then create a forum post linking to the file along with whatever description you think is appropriate. Audio quality is up to you, but since this is just about practicing and getting better 16 bit 44.1 kHz would be our recommendation (you'll be compressing down to an mp3 at the end anyway).

If you want to discuss your work with others, explain any part of your process in more detail, solicit feedback, etc please use the appropriate forum which can be accessed directly from the discussion tab. Brian and/or Paul will only reply within the forum about final projects so if you are looking for feedback you will need to post there. We look forward to hearing your work!