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Prerequisites for this Course

Our courses are designed to be viewed sequentially. Meaning that content will build upon itself. It's very important to master the fundamentals first. While it is not a requirement to go through the courses in order it is highly recommended.

It is expected that you have a cursory understanding of the Digital Audio Workstation, different types of effects processors, and subtractive synthesis. If you have completed Sormena's 101 Course - Introduction to Computer Music Creation you will be fully prepared for the content in this course. It is assumed that you fully understand everything that has been covered in 101. If you feel certain topics are not being covered in enough detail please review the course content from 101 before posting questions looking for clarification.

As we discuss in the early videos you'll need a digital audio workstation that can host 64 bit vst or au plugins (ideally an unlimited number of instances). The DAW you choose is entirely up to you and what you think you need (we have a presentation discussing different DAWs) but remember it is possible to make great music in any of these programs. This may require you to do some research so take your time in making your selection since this really is an investment. We are more than willing to give you some suggestions but please be sure to list exactly what it is you're looking to do in the world of music production.

There are a lot of plugins and samples you will need to download throughout the course. I personally recommend downloading and installing these plugins (and samples) when they are referenced in the actual course content. For example do not download any "mixing" plugins until reaching the mixing section of the course. You will find download links to everything in the descriptions of course videos (when a plugin or sample pack is first used), in the syllabus, or on the resource links tab to the left.

If any of this is confusing to you do not worry all of this will make sense when you go through the course.