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User Submissions

Here is where you will upload your final project. Please be sure to convert your final composition to an mp3 file before uploading. Converting to an mp3 is covered in Week 4 Video 9. Apart from that there are no other rules as long as you you've used either Soundation or Audiotool to make your song. Please include a brief description of your track as well.

If you want to discuss your work with others, solicit feedback, etc please use the forum. Brian and/or Paul will only reply within the forum about final projects so if you are looking for feedback you will need to post there. We look forward to hearing your work!


SoundationGenreBased.mp3  (mp3, 8 MB) AudioTool_01.mp3  (mp3, 2 MB) AudioTool_02.mp3  (mp3, 5 MB) SoundationExperimental.mp3  (mp3, 10 MB)