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Prerequisites for this Course

There are zero prerequisites for this course. As long as you have a somewhat reliable internet connection you have access to a fully functional virtual music studio within your web browser. Everything we use in this course is free so there is nothing you need to purchase in order to follow the lessons and complete the final project. For the bulk of the course we will be using the application Soundation. Soundation functions in a very similiar way to the majority of standalone digital audio workstations (DAW) available on the market. In the bonus section we examine a very different application; Audiotool. Both programs have the same end goal in mind: Make Music. The way each program goes about it... very different. You may also want to use this free wave editing software (Audacity) to clean up samples and normalize your final track. Audacity is used two or three times throughout the course.

Contrary to popular belief, making music in the computer is not about the tools you have, rather how you use them. Every single person visiting this site is capable of making some really intriguing music using either of these two programs. It might take a bit of time, patience, and effort but you can do it. All you need to do is try.