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Course Offerings

Below you will find a list of available courses. Before starting any course we encourage you to read the course FAQ.


  • Introduction to Computer Music Creation

    In this course we introduce the concept of using your computer as a full fledged music studio. We primarily use the free browser application Soundation as a means to give you a sampling of what computer music creation is all about.

    Instructor: Brian Bollman

    Total Duration: 07:36:35

  • Producing on a Budget (DAW & Freeware)

    Once you've decided making music is something you want to pursue you'll need to invest in a standalone DAW. Suddenly there are thousands of options and menu's so where do you start? Using Freeware we'll limit those options and make music.

    Instructor: Brian Bollman

    Total Duration: 27:01:43

  • Synthesis and Sampling Methods

    In the past it was important for any new music producer/audio engineer to understand recording techniques. Today the majority of us work in isolation with samples and synthesizers. This course is about the methods related to synthesis and sampling.

    Instructor: Brian Bollman

    Total Duration: 16:23:29