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Music For All Ages

2016/11/10, Brian Bollman - Philosophy, Production

I was recently invited to a preschool to do a little presentation on music production. I did my best to spark the kids (4 years old) curiosity and I hope at least one of them found what I did new and exciting.

Perhaps some of you will be able to learn from my experience and/or offer up some advice on what sort of things you think would be a big hit with a younger audience.

Or, if you have young children, I have discovered a few things that may be useful if you're thinking about introducing them to the sonic playground.

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Take Action

2016/07/05, Brian Bollman - Philosophy

In this article we wrap up the first 7 philosophy based articles, explain how words are only words, and why it's important for you to help yourself.

We all have had that experience of watching a producer sit in a front of a mixing console. Whether on TV, in a magazine, or in person. It looks super cool and we imagine that it must a load of fun all the time. And there are plenty of times when it is a lot of fun but you have to remember (like with anything life) there will be times when it's not fun.

You ultimately decide how much effort you put in and there is no tutorial, article, or course that replaces effort and perseverance. We can't wait to hear the fruits of your labor!

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2016/06/28, Brian Bollman - Philosophy

In this article we talk about patience, perseverance, and self belief. Specifically some of the common challenges and feelings we have when we are struggling with our music production.

It's so easy to tell someone to just be patient but one wonders for how long? There's no answer to this question but it is comforting to know that you're not alone. We'll talk about how marketing and the pressures of everyday life produce feelings of self doubt. By recognizing this we'll realize that patience, though difficult, is a necessary ingredient for success.

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Accepting Bad Days

2016/06/21, Brian Bollman - Philosophy

In this article we talk about music education, "creative workflow strategies," and one universal truth about making music (or any creative task).

It would be great if everyday we could make a masterpiece. Wake up, fire up the DAW, and 8 hours later produce a hit. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, unfortunately it is. Motivation, or lack there of, tends to be the kryptonite of nearly every young artist. "I've been making music for two years now and I'm still not getting any results AHHH!!" (there are a lot of people in this boat).

We'll talk about the inevitable bad days and why they are an important part of your artistic growth.

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Why Make Music?

2016/06/14, Brian Bollman - Philosophy

In this article what constitutes failure, battling lack of motivation, and why do you even want to make music in the first place? 

The internet is full of great free music production resources if you're solely interested in the how. For example how do I make this sound, how do I compress lead pop vocals, etc. While this is certainly of great use rarely do you find articles discussing some of the deeper questions. In this article we discuss the simplest of questions to ask but one of the hardest to answer... Why Do I Make Music? 

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