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What is Sormena?

Who We Are

Sormena is a two-man project founded by Brian Bollman and Paul van Hemmen. We want to keep the tone of this website as friendly and casual as we possibly can to encourage discussion. Music is subjective and therefore virtually every topic, technique, etc. can be approached in a variety of ways and from a variety of perspectives. There is no “right” or “best” way to make music. Feel free to bring your opinion to the table (in fact we encourage it) but be respectful and open minded to what others think. Who knows you just might learn something new.

Our Mission

Provide anyone, regardless of age, race or gender, the information necessary to create computer music. When we say “computer music” we literally mean using a computer for some part of the music making process. For example you could be the person responsible for recording and mixing your heavy metal band. Most likely you will be recording into a DAW with a computer. Hopefully you will find useful information here. On the flip side you could be an experimental electronic musician using computer algorithms to generate random compositions; hopefully there will be things here for you as well. Furthermore, we want to provide individuals a judgment free place to discuss, share, and collaborate on their music. Again, being open-minded is the key. That person mixing their heavy metal album might be the person who helps you with your dubstep track.

On the web today, music makers tend to mostly associate with people interested in their genre of music and snub their nose at nearly everything else. If you want to improve and grow as an artist you need to expand your horizons.

How it Works

The Sormena Project will offer a number of courses that are categorized into levels, ranging from 100 (basic) to 400 (advanced/experimental). To get the most out of the content we recommend that you work through these courses in order. This is obviously not required but each course will build on the last. When appropriate we will list what courses would be considered “prerequisites.” Course content is structured and broken up into “weeks.” When a course is live (ongoing) we will release content weekly (as in a new section is released each week). Once the course finishes it will be archived so that you can access it anytime. Uploading a final project will become available when the final week of the course goes live. 

Additional articles, blogs, and other series will be released on a regular basis (weekly barring outstanding circumstances, holidays, etc). There will be a WIDE range of topics discussed so please be patient when we go through series that you may not find particularly interesting. Chances are they are important to someone. Feel free to contact us with suggestions but understand that we do have a schedule and plan things out well in advance so please be patient.


From submitting tracks to asking questions, user participation is at the core of the Sormena Project. We offer free and premium forums where you can communicate, collaborate, and share your music. We want to grow an active community of music makers and that’s only possible with your participation. 


The best support you can give us is participation. If people are not interested in what we do…What’s the point? To comment on articles, submit final projects, share your music and/or write on the forum please sign up to become a member.

We believe our focus should be on content and improving/adding features to the website. For that reason we are not spending time on marketing or anything of that nature. If you support what we do please spread the word anyway you can. Anyone can make music so even mentioning this website to your grandparents is very helpful.

To help cover costs of the website and expanding features (server space for user uploads) we accept donations. In the future, we will also offer a “premium membership” with a variety of perks. By supporting this website you are helping the community as a whole and making it possible for us to evolve and improve our content.

Online Education/Expectations

You will not become some sort of “super producer” overnight. We believe it is important to approach music making like a marathon not a sprint. You can watch 12 hours of video lectures and learn absolutely nothing. On the flip side you could watch 5 minutes of a video and be inspired to create something, which is really what the site is all about. Knowledge is great but means little if you do not apply it. Online education is all about self-discipline, patience, and perseverance. We hope you come to love music and sound to a point where it becomes a lifelong passion not just a 6 month fad. If there is one thing you can expect from this site it’s that you’ll always have more questions than answers. There will always be a new sonic avenue to explore should you choose to search it out. Sound is not a book that you can read from beginning to end and that’s one of the reasons why we love it so much. We are not a website that says take this course and “become an expert.” In something as expressive and creative as music there are no experts only explorers. Learn to love the process and you’ll never tire of making music.