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Paul van Hemmen

Paul is the Technical Mind and Web Developer of the Sormena project. With a passion for both music and programming, Sormena gives him the perfect opportunity to combine the things he loves the most – and to give something back to the community he has learned so much from over the years.

Paul discovered his love for music as a young child. He began listening to the record collection of his father at the age of four, and began to practice and play a variety of instruments at five: trumpet, flute, piano, pipe organ… just to name a few. While he never thought about music as a career, it has been this unwavering love for music that has accompanied him through every phase of life.

Paul strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through sound – no matter how young, how old, how rich, or how poor. The best things in life are free, and music is definitely one of those things!

Sormena is built from this premise; to make music production accessible to everyone. And while every effort has been taken to present this content in the best way possible there is always room for improvement and a fresh perspective. So if you ever need to write to Paul about anything related to the workings and function of the Website drop him a line: [email protected]

And now: have fun making music!