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The People Behind Sormena

Everything on this site (design to content) is the work of two people; Brian Bollman and Paul van Hemmen.

The two of us take great care and time making sure the content we put out is up to our own standards. This means we will not just publish something for the sake of publishing it or simply to "drive traffic." We will do our best NOT to repeat the same information again and again to you with new flashy titles, logos, and/or pictures. We want everyone visiting this site to have a great experience.

Of course having only two people for a site of this nature presents it's own set of challenges. While only Paul and myself are technically making changes, adding content, etc it is our hope that we grow a Sormena community where every user feels wanted and important. Anyone who visits this site is as important as the two of us if not more. We hope that eventually the community is strong enough to support itself.

Our primary focus is the user experience (site functionality/usability, new content, forum management, etc) and for that reason we do not have the time for things like a marketing campaign. That is where we ask for your help. If you support what we are doing please participate on the site, spread the word about Sormena, and don't hesitate to contact us when you run into problems, have questions, or think of ideas that would make the Sormena Project better for everyone. 

Brian Bollman - Sormena co-founder