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At its core Sormena exists for the people by the people. As a two-man operation we are responsible for everything you see and experience on this site. We read your messages and take your feedback very seriously. This negates any sort of middleman or decisions made by committee (investors). This direct line of communication is something that’s very important to us and is the reason this site exists.

Sadly in the world we live every venture has its set of costs and expenses. With a website of this nature the expenses are not astronomical but do add up after a while. The more popular the site becomes the more money we personally invest to ensure the site runs smoothly. We’ve also put in a lot of time on this project and in the future we’d love to dedicate even more.

For those reasons we accept donations. At this early stage of the site we’ve spent very little time focused on the donation scheme, thus the system currently in place. In the future we plan to streamline the donation process and enhance the vision/aesthetic.

Why Donate?

If you support our mission, find our content useful, or at the very least appreciate what we are trying to achieve any donation goes a long way.

Donations help support and grow the community as a whole. Granted, we all like to get something personalized or special, but this is a website rooted in a strong community (no community no site). A donation is improving everyone’s experience including your own. Your donation may help improve a feature on the site that results in you meeting and collaborating with a like-minded artist.

What Do I Get?

Well technically nothing; it’s a donation. Donations allow the two of us to cut down on site costs we personally incur and will allow us to dedicate more of our time to Sormena. In addition, we’ve setup a little donors page where (if you would like) we’ll list your name (username, nickname, artist name, full name, whatever) and link to a website of your choosing (link to your music, business, etc). Again, this is completely optional, and you can remain anonymous if you’d like. After you donate you will receive an email with all the details. 

To avoid any confusion the list is sorted by donation amount (the actual amount is obviously not listed).

Premium Membership

As of right now we are planning to unveil some sort of premium membership on Sormena sometime in the future. What that entails exactly we do not know (suggestions, feedback, feature requests would be greatly appreciated). Once we get a sense of what people are interested in we’ll begin thinking about a way to implement premium memberships. Do not freak out or worry. The courses that are posted will always remain freely available for as long as the site exists. If donations greatly exceed our expectations there will be no reason to implement premium membership…rather all the new features we rollout will be available to everyone.

Thank You for Your Generosity and Support